You’ve heard that video killed the radio star, and probably you’ve also heard that it’s been a boon for business. It’s a double edged sword!

Use of videos in marketing can push your brand to the top, and if you’re not using it already, you’re missing a lot. But how is video marketing beneficial to your business? Here are a few ways.

Video is Engaging

If given a choice, people will watch videos over reading text or going through photos. Video is king when it comes to engaging and entertaining media.

So, what better way to capture the attention of your audience than by entertaining, interesting, and informative videos? Videos keep people engaged over long periods, and that’s the idea. You want to capture and maintain the attention of the audience and videos help do that. They make it easier to remember the brand.

Highly Shareable

Videos work well with all the social media platforms because they’re highly shareable. You can create video content and be sure that it’ll be optimized and shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Your followers and prospects can easily see the videos and share them on the platform. This increases brand visibility and your chances of attracting new buyers.

Builds Trust

Videos work best to showcase expertise, culture, and values. This helps build trust with your brand and cement your place as a thought leader. Videos are especially handy for businesses breaking into markets because they help build reputation.
Drives conversions

Videos can easily showcase your products to demonstrate benefits and features. The visual format is more engaging than other formats, and this helps drive conversions.

Videos help potential customers gain a clearer understanding of what you have to offer. This makes the purchase easier.

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