With monthly unique viewers that are over 144 million, YouTube can be the bridge to some of the client segments in the Silicon Valley community. YouTube ranks second after Google as a search engine, and is an absolute marketing campaign necessity for contemporary small businesses. If your business is not using YouTube, you could be losing some of the potential clients to competitors.

Have a Custom Background

The first order of business when creating a YouTube channel is to have a fitting background. The channel background should match your small business brand. With basic skills, you can customize the background using various free online tools.

A consistent background that matches your brand makes it easy for customers to recognize your company. Include your website URL, some of the products and services you offer and the company logo to the customized background.

Make the Videos Searchable

Uploaded content is of no use if no one can find it. Make your YouTube videos searchable by including video tags with relevant keywords. Include the same keywords to the description and the title. It always does much good to do some research on one or two keywords to improve SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Avoid the temptation of using irrelevant keywords to your content, such as “Kanye West” to increase the hits to the video. Doing this can cause negative attention and even get the video banned.

Create a Network

Networking with other like-minded businesses or individuals is one of the primary goals of social media. Take a bit of your time to subscribe to other channels and leave constructive comments on their uploaded content. If you make others feel important, they are most likely to reciprocate by also leaving compliments on your videos. This small gesture can increase subscribers and viewers to your videos.

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