When optimizing your blog post or web pages with a keyword phrase, you need to use a specific phrase for your pages. These keyword phrases are almost never what the business owner thinks they are. Here is the low down on what they are and how to find yours.

Keyword Phrase

Almost every business owner thinks their keyword phrases are their product names and what the company does. But, typically they are not. If the potential new customer knew they wanted your product named Wij-o-matic then they’d just contact you. There would not be a reason to optimize for it, right? They already know where to go to get it.

The keyword phrase you need to use in optimizing for search engines is the phrase your target market is putting into the search engine to find a product like yours. If your Wij-o-matic makes chopping onions easy, then you’ll need to optimize for easier onion chopper – because that is what people are putting into the search engine. But how do you know exactly what they are typing into Google and Bing?

You need to have keyword research done by a professional. This searcher will ask Google what phrases are being used for kitchen chopping devices in your target market location. Google will then issue a huge number of phrases that are being used. Some of the phrases apply to your product and some do not, so there is some sorting to do for the searcher. Also, one phrase usually leads to another related phrase that is applicable. This is where keyword phrases come from.

Of course, it is a little more complex than that, but that is the overview. If you want to know what the actual searched phrases are for your company’s services or products, give Mike at JOHO Marketing a call.