Search engine optimization and other strategies can drive your website, and ultimately your business to the top of the pile. But that is if customer reviews suggest your products and services are quality.

Unfortunately, you cannot make everyone happy, and some bad reviews will pop up now and then. Some of these reviews are malicious and can drown your bottom line and business with it. So what do you do if the comment is on Yelp and other review websites?

Removing a Bad Review from Yelp and Other Review Websites

You can have bad reviews removed if it’s justified. But how do you do this to throw your business a lifeline? Here is how:

  • Review websites such as Google and Yelp have policies that restrict inappropriate content. Determine if the content goes against these policies and if so, contact the review sites to remove the offensive content. On Google, flag the content as inappropriate and wait for the review team to check it.
  • Alternatively, reach out to the customer in a courteous and friendly way. Comment positively on the review. Understand their point of view and acknowledge the mistake before offering to remedy the situation. With luck, the customer will be more than willing to edit or remove the comment. Your efforts to satisfy the customer may not bear fruits, but the comments section will show your commitment to finding a remedy to the problem.
  • You can take a step further and Tweet your issues to @GoogleSmallBiz, or other review websites the comment appears. State the problem clearly and provide screenshots of your efforts to reach out to the reviewer.
  • As a last resort, delete your Yelp profile if the comments are too negative or defamatory and have exhausted other methods. Keep in mind the reviews may not go away on some sites even after deleting your account. But it is worth the shot.

A bad review can be the last nail in the coffin of your business. Try the above methods to remove the review or turn the situation around. Still having problems? Contact us at JOHO marketing, and we’ll be happy to offer a hand.