The one thing that may be remaining to launch you ahead of business rivals in Silicon Valley may be email marketing. Email marketing can open up new markets, attract new customers and establish strong relationships with the buyers.

Despite the enormous benefits associated with email marketing, many small businesses are yet to leverage it sufficiently.


Staying in contact with the consumers ensures that your brand is always on their minds. This helps keep them loyal and engaged.

A simple message such as, “Hi, we’ve been thinking about you,” or “Hello, we thought these products may interest you,” may be enjoyable for them. Engaging newsletter content to your customer base may do more than what expensive billboards and other media can.


Email marketing campaigns are measurable through various tools. You can track the unsubscribe rate, open rates, click-throughs, and delivery rates. This helps you determine the success of email marketing.

You know which emails are more successful, where you need to tweak and which ones to terminate altogether. You can then focus on what works for your business.

Some consumers expect emails from their favorite brand, and failing to send them can hurt your business. But you need to know the correct number of emails to send per month not to overwhelm your customers and raise the rate of unsubscription.

Low Budget

The cost of email marketing is so low per conversion that it’s unbelievable many small businesses and startups are not leveraging it as they should.

Mail Chimp, for example, allows up to 12,000 emails per month for free. There are packages for high-volume sender plans and growing businesses.