In today’s business world a business needs a mailing list to keep customers engaged with your brand. Even local, mom and pop businesses need to maintain and use a mailing list. If you haven’t been email list building all this time, now is the time to start. Here’s how.

Email List Building

Businesses small and large need to do some email list building from time to time. Of course, getting your customer’s email address is a must today and that is usually easy. You ask them when they make a purchase and add them to your mailing list right there. It’s a little trickier to have a complete stranger hand over their email address for marketing purposes. But there is an easy way to do that, too.

The How To of List Building

The trick to getting someone to sign up for your email list is to offer them something free that they’d like to have. Then deliver when they subscribe. This can be a physical item like a little jewelry charm, or a free t-shirt, but more often it’s a digital product that is offered.

Digital product giveaways keep costs down. You’ll invest money into the product to create it and then give it away as many times as you’d like. These products are usually eBooks on a topic that is related to your business product, a small computer program or app, art they can print out or something directly related to your products that every customer would love own.

Once you have your free product created, you’ll run narrowly targeted Facebook ads to offer the product free if they subscribe to your mailing list.

When it is time to build your company mailing list, give JOHO Marketing a call to plan your strategy to build your list. Soon you’ll be attracting loads of new customers to your door with marketing emails.