Most of the time, you can make small, but important changes in your operations and it will boost sales – without costing you anything! So, when it’s time to get a cash injection, your very first course of action should be correcting what’s going on with your brand. That will have a positive effect on your sales and it’ll be a permanent change.


Typically, it takes 5 to 7 times seeing your brand for people to remember your brand. This will come into play with just about any marketing you’re doing. Keep in mind that repetition is extremely important. Nothing is a one-shot deal.

Customer service is extremely important in every business. This is what 73% of consumers report causes their love of a brand. From adequate response, to a friendly “how can I help you?” attitude, it all puts money on the table today and in the future through repeated business, consumer loyalty and referrals. Every company needs to audit their customer service methods to make sure customers are getting a satisfactory experience within a couple of hours, a can-do response, and friendly, helpful service.

When digital marketing, doing it across all platforms at the same time will give you a 23% boost. So, go big or go home! Saturation will give you 23% better outcome than quietly marketing in each platform at a time.

Studies show 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. This doesn’t mean the business should express their political or religious views unless those things are a part of their products. A business that never mentions politics, religion or even their love of a specific sports team, will give the shopper the impression the company’s values are the same as their own. There are exceptions, of course, but the very best path is to never expose your own opinions and the consumer will identify with your company. The less said the better.

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