Duplicate content is when the exact same paragraph, blog post or article appears on your website over and over or it’s found on another website. Google will penalize websites that have duplicate content. From time to time, as your website starts to crawl up to the top in google search results, you’ll start receiving emails about duplicate content and a lot of other website related things.

Duplicate Content

The emails you’re receiving are from spammers who found your website in a search. They use scare tactics such as telling you that your website contains duplicate content. If you contact them, they’ll have an expensive package to take care of that problem for you and a lot of other problems you also don’t have.

When your website is created and maintained by JOHO Marketing, all the content on it is custom written and optimized for search engines to drive traffic to your specific website. Many websites do have problems with duplicate content and poorly optimized webpages. Those websites are usually created by companies in India or elsewhere that give everyone the same website. They customize it a little by putting the new owner’s name and address on it. It’s one of those situations where you get what you pay for.

When you receive these spam emails from companies you’ve never heard of, just delete them. They are sending hundreds of thousands of website owners that spam message. They’ve never even looked at your website.

Whenever you have questions about an email you’ve received, give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing. He’ll let you know if the email is legitimate and what should be done about it. As a general rule, if the return email address is Google or Godaddy, then it might be real. But people offering to solve website problems are almost always just spam. They are using scare tactics to convince you that you have an imaginary problem that’ll they’ll be happy to fix for you for a hefty fee.