“Does email marketing work?” is something all small business owners wonder. Well, sending emails to your potential new customers has to be done in the proper manner, or else, yes, it is just spam. There are laws that rule email marketing now, which is a good thing. Email marketing, when done properly, is quite effective.

Does Email Marketing Work

It sure does. The catch is that the person that you are going to email has to have already given their permission to be emailed. Before you think that would never happen, they actually do give permission. And they give you their correct email address so that you can send them emails!

The most common way to collect emails is to have a pop-up on your business’s website that asks them to sign up for your newsletter. Sometimes, a company will have a giveaway in order to entice them to sign up. In other situations, they love your company so much that they actually want to stay in touch with you. This is particularly true for a business that caters to hobbies like cooking, sewing or making other crafts. Usually a company will give the person who signs up something free, or the company promises to send them coupons.

Mailing Service

When you are entering the email marketing arena for the first time, you’re going to need some help. The ideal situation is to have a professional do these email campaigns for you, but if you want to try it out by yourself then MailChimp.com can help. This company has a free service if you’re sending less than 2,000 emails per month. They also have plans that cost a small fee and give you lots more service. This company knows the emailing rules and has them embedded into their system, preventing you from accidentally doing something illegal with email.

More Information on Email Marketing

There is a lot to know about email marketing and that is why most small business use a digital marketing professional to handle this for them. Give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing and ask him, “Does email marketing work?” He’ll be happy to explain how it works.