There is a hometown digital marketing company in Sunnyvale, CA. It’s JOHO Marketing and it’s located right here in Silicon Valley.

Digital Marketing Company in Sunnyvale, CA

Using a local digital marketing company has a lot of advantages. You’ll be working with local people who understand marketing in the Silicon Valley. There aren’t the cultural or language barriers when using locals. At JOHO Marketing here in Sunnyvale, we understand American marketing, as well, something that would be completely foreign to someone in India, for example.

Our company is far more than just filling out a form to plug in data to run ads on Facebook. We take the time to ask you what the goals are for marketing and explain all of your option in digital marketing. It can go well beyond just running a pay per click advertisement on a search engine. Some types of marketing will work better than others and sometimes it’s more effective to do specific types of marketing that you might not have known about.

JOHO Marketing offers:

  • Facebook digital ads
  • Post boosting on social media
  • Social media posts for your company
  • Pay per click ads
  • Pay per Impression ads

But beyond just advertising, JOHO Marketing can help you clean up your web presence. Most companies have a lot of incorrect addresses being spread around and you might not be aware that this misinformation is out there. We cleanup the misinformation to ensure your customers find your business no matter on which website your address and phone number are found.

We also take a thorough look at your website, your listings on the web, your blog posts, and various business listing services like Google My Business. Then we’ll suggest a plan that will be very effective in accomplishing your marketing goals.

Give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing to get ideas on how to improve your digital marketing with our company in Sunnyvale, CA.