It is such a simple thing to do, sending an email to your customer. Most companies don’t give it a thought, thinking it wouldn’t make a difference or that it would bother people. Well, JetBlue ran an e-mail campaign and they increased revenue by 1,640%.

The Importance of Customer Emails

For JetBlue, they treated their website booking as a shopping cart. If someone didn’t finish the booking and left the website, then they’d quickly receive a well-designed email that brought them back. It was hugely successful.

For businesses that rely on a local clientele, it works a little differently. There is no shopping cart to use, so you need to collect your customers email address at the time of purchase or service. Customers are happy to do this these days, because they’ll sure it’ll turn into a discount offer at some point in the future.

How to Use Emails

It’s important to keep in touch with your customers. For some companies e-mailing daily or weekly is perfect. For others a monthly e-mail works well. It all depends on the normal frequency of purchase. An accountant can keep in touch monthly by email, but a food truck would need to email daily or a couple of times per week. So, try to send as often as an average customer would purchase your goods and services.

How to Email

To send e-mails you’ll need a CRM. This is a contact management program. It is a fairly fancy program that will maintain your mailing list and let you design the emails that you send. The most popular CRM is MailChimp is free to use for smaller accounts.

Enjoy the Increase in Business

Whenever your company needs a good shot of profit or for ongoing higher sales, sending your customers emails to keep in touch is the profitable thing to do.