In the age of Covid-19, a solid social media presence has become the bee’s knees of customer engagement. Almost every small business is plunging into social media spending regardless of the generation, and there’s a good reason for this.

Studies show that positive reviews, comments, and testimonials significantly impact buyers’ decisions, and also make the customers trust a business. As a new business in Silicon Valley, earning customers’ trust is vital for growth. Ignore social media at your own peril.

Showcase Testimonials

Twitter is a superb platform for small businesses to showcase what satisfied customers are saying about your services. This will sway the buying decisions of many prospects to your benefit.

Ideally, post descriptive testimonials that tell more about the product and the need they satisfy.

Interested customers may ask questions about the services or product. Follow this up with a timely, helpful and positive response. It may be one customer, but giving that customer the attention they require can bring more business.

Positive Engagement

Timely responses to queries in the comments sections and inbox determine your business’s engagement level. Ideally, you should respond to the questions positively and consistently. Strive to be as supportive as possible even when it’s challenging to do so. There will always be dissatisfied customers, and how you respond to this group may earn you more respect or lose a significant chunk to the rival.

Out of increased engagement comes brand awareness and more business. Social media is the most vital source of inspiration for purchases, according to 37% of buyers.

Social media gives your firm a direct line to customers and transforms you into an authority on the subject through posts. Therefore, a social media strategy should be part of the plan to scale your business in Silicon Valley and beyond. Contact Joho market for tips and help on leveraging social media.