Blog writing tips always include which software is best and how to design it, but what about what a blog will do for your small business? Here are some advantages a company blog will give you in the marketplace.

Blog Writing Tips

A company blog offers many advantages for your company and that is why most companies use them. Your blog accomplishes many things when it is done correctly:

  • Refines Your Search Engine Optimization
  • Develops Your Company Voice
  • Keeps Customers and Potential Customers Coming Back
  • Keeps Your Customers Engaged

So, your Blog Writing Tips for today are to have a professional digital marketing service start a blog for your website and to write blog posts regularly.

Who Should Write Your Company Blog

Sure, you know how to write and you feel you can manage a few hundred words a week and post them. But, a social media professional will understand the effect those words will have on your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The topic is also important to your SEO. The blog posts are just as important as any other page on your website. It needs to be carefully written with SEO in mind. It also needs to clearly enforce your company’s overall message and be properly copywritten.

How Often to Post

Experts debate how often posts should be, but one per day is certainly ideal. The important thing is to be consistent whether you post daily, weekly or monthly.

Social Media Professionals

Finding a professional to run your social media is as easy as the contact page on this website. JOHO Marketing has a network of social media experts that would be happy to discuss blog writing tips with you in depth and can handle this service for you. When you put the website in our hands, you can focus on running your business and leave the marketing to us.