When setting out to build the best social media marketing strategy you want to shoot for the “best social marketing strategy EVER,” right? Of course! So, here are a few tips that will help you sort things out. Keep in mind the basic fundamental steps that are often skipped over, because they seem sort of boring. Those basics are the foundation and without them lies failure.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are a few vitally important basics in building your foundation for the best social media marketing strategy ever to be set loose on the Internet. Make sure you don’t skip them and just say, “yeah, yeah, yeah, I got that…” and skip to the meat of the campaign. Doing that is your undoing.

Write Down Your Objective

Write down what you’re trying to accomplish in this campaign and make it just one thing. You will need an objective for every goal. So, what are you trying to get your potential customers and current customers to do for this first campaign? Buy a specific product? Tell their friends about you? Pick up a loyalty card? Share a video?

Define Target Demographic

Decide the exact demographics of people that will be your target for the campaign. You’ll need to likely pick an age group, their geographic location, an interest they have and probably other things that narrow in on just the right person that you want as a customer.

Choose One Channel

Social media platforms are approached in different ways. Your campaign on Twitter is going to be a lot different than your campaign on Facebook. Each platform has its own character.

Help with Social Media Marketing

Unless you have dedicated your life to marketing and social platforms, you’re going to need a lot of help developing your best social media marketing strategy. Give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing for a free consultation on how social media marketing can bring success to your small business.