The advantages of responsive website design are innumerable. Typically, a responsive website helps you reach a larger audience and stay on top of the competition. It puts the conversion rates through the roof and keeps the users happy. As a small business in Silicon Valley, a responsive website is a must-have.

Expand Your Audience

The primary goal of every business is to increase conversion rates and grow the business. According to current statistics, the use of handheld devices such as smartphones has increased dramatically. Most people use their devices to look for local information and take action as a result.

If a good experience on various devices is not on the menu, losing potential customers is inevitable. On the other hand, ensuring a good experience across multiple devices leads to retention and conversion.

Good for SEO

While there has been a lengthy discussion on the issue, a responsive website is a plus for SEO. For example, content is only published once for the desktop and mobile versions, and there is no risk of duplicate content. Then again, an optimized version ranks higher on mobile search, which means better conversion.

Stay in Touch with Customers

Visitors using tablets and other mobile devices are increasing by the day. Going responsive gives them a friendly version to keep in touch with your business. As a result, the engagement with your customers and potential clients to maintain a competitive edge becomes a reality.

Convenient and User-Friendly Platform

As opposed to having a mobile-friendly website, a responsive site makes website maintenance a walk in the park. You only have one set of pages and one set of code to manage. Any new functionality or changes automatically update on both the mobile and desktop versions.

As a local business in Silicon Valley, a responsive website is as essential as the value proposition. It gives you a competitive edge through engagement and communication with customers. Contact JOHO marketing for a responsive website in Silicon Valley.