It’s no secret that the current COVID-19 situation has affected every sector of the economy. However, some auto repair shops have successfully wiggled into an increased business during the epidemic, which is no mean feat. The secret to their success has been to continually work to bring in new customers without waiting for them to come in on their own. The auto repair shops formulated a successful marketing plan. Here’s how they did it.

Online Marketing and Website

Some of the thriving auto repair shops have been using blogging as an essential tool to connect with customers through informative posts and boost search rankings. Maintaining a regular schedule for regular posts will come in handy so that visitors know when to expect posts.

Some auto repair shops posted explanatory videos embedded in their websites or YouTube channels to capture the customers’ attention. The videos provide visual and useful information about their vehicles, which plays a vital role in making them loyal, or converting prospects.

The referral rewards program, where the auto service shop gives small freebies for referring new customers, has played an essential role in increasing business. But in addition to the freebies, others have been using auto repair marketing strategies such as optimizing for local SEO and using Google and Facebook ads to target customers in the neighborhood.

Email Marketing

Emails are some of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your customers. First, know your customers well to create content that is interesting and compelling. Use tags such as ‘truck owner’ and ‘European vehicles’ to segment your audience, and then only send emails with relevant content relating to the segment. Don’t forget to balance promotions with useful info to keep everything relevant.

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