Advertisements are the old fashioned way of doing business. Everyone now is talking about social media marketing, inbound marketing, websites and email campaigns. So, whatever ever happened to the good ol’ ad in the newspaper idea? Is it still viable?


Advertisements are marketing. When you run an ad on a television program, sponsor an ad in the church bulletin, or place a full page ad in the newspaper, it is the good, old fashioned marketing plan that has worked since there was a market to reach.

There isn’t a lot of talk about advertising as a marketing method right now, because everyone wants to be cutting edge. Companies always want to be the first to use the latest and greatest method of bringing in the most customers for the least amount of cost per customer. But, advertisements are still there. There are still some printed newspapers out there, magazines and church newsletters, and they all will still sell you an ad. It is very effective to this day, providing their readership is your target market.

Mostly, though, advertisements have changed. Instead of purchasing an ad in a printed newspaper, you might be offered a digital ad on the newspaper’s website. Or, you might pay for a pay per click banner ad on a popular website where your target market likes to hang out online. There are also pay per click ads you can purchase from the search engines so your advertisements will be seen in search results.

Future of Advertising

Have no fear, advertisements are still around and doing well. Most companies do still purchase ads, but usually they are in a different form than they once were. Advertisements will still exist for as long as there groups of people gathering in one spot and someone has something to sell to them.