Covid-19 has changed the business landscape, where more products and services are now online. Many employees will also continue to work online or in a blended system for most of 2021.

There are now more insights on customer responses after a year into the coronavirus era. What are some of the most vital digital marketing trends that you should consider to keep ahead of the pack?

Social Media

Social media has steadily become a vital channel for engaging and retaining customers. In the second quarter of 2020, social media accounted for 24% of the US’s marketing budgets.

During the pandemic, customer retention has jumped to the top of the priority list for businesses. This trend is projected to carry on throughout 2021. More people are now spending significant chunks of time researching brands and products.

Your small business needs to reevaluate its marketing strategy to engage longtime customers and reach new audiences through social media marketing.

Employee Engagement

The transition to remote working came with some thrill, which is now waning. Some businesses are struggling to maintain employee engagement given the stress of what’s happening globally and the numerous distractions at home. Productivity and morale are suffering, as well.

Your role as a business is to keep the client-facing teams motivated to communicate better and improve client outcomes. Make them understand that you are all working towards the same goal. Set clear milestones and break big projects into manageable chunks and share success stories regularly.

Segmentation to Improve Retention

Spending to retain your existing customers is easier and cheaper than working on getting new ones. Exert more effort into the last stages of the buying process, and you will end up with happy customers and more referrals. Existing customers are also more likely to provide honest feedback to help strengthen your brand.

As a business, keep your loyal customers informed of changes that may impact them one way or another. Keep them engaged on social media to target them more cost-effectively.

If you need help with a more detailed and customized approach to propel your business past the competition in 2021, contact JOHO Marketing.