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The JOHO Marketing strategy attracts more customers to your business by using social media marketing and custom plans that help small businesses like yours. We develop an Internet stream of your potential clients and draw them to your small business fast. Now it is your turn to capture this missed, huge segment of your target market by using a social media marketing expert.


Before launching social media marketing, your website needs to be in perfect shape. Our custom websites are responsive, mobile-friendly websites that build trust with your clients and customers. The entire website is written around the keyword phrases that your local clients are using to find a small business like yours.


JOHO Marketing is an Internet Marketing company located in the USA. Our team is 100% USA based. Our marketing focuses in on  your social media accounts like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook turning your company into a customer magnet. You will get more customers now and they’ll be happier because you stay in touch.

SEO in the USA

SEO in the USA is the only way we go. Our team is 100% USA based. We use only Google approved techniques and we’re awesome at it. We write content for your website and blog that is optimized for the words that your target market is putting into the search engines. This leads them right to your small business, sometimes within a couple of days.


Our SMM Strategy Jump-Starts Your Business with:

  • Local Web Design
  • Website Content
  • SEO Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog Management Service
  • Social Media Management
  • Newsletters

Social Media Marketing Expert

We take our job as your new marketing expert very seriously. This is one of our main tasks daily: engaging our clients’ customers and building the small business social media accounts in the Bay Area.

Social Platforms

Social Platforms we recommend working with are Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you don’t have accounts yet, we will handle the set up and take it for there. We do can that!


You are in luck. We are super flexible with our management pricing. In fact, our Internet Marketing and Social Media packages are custom made to meet your business needs.

Our Marketing Pays Off Faster

In a nutshell, our services work super fast because we do things the right way. We do not try to trick search engines or use black hat SEO. We do what the search engines want – great content. We also create that content around the words your target market puts into the search engines to find you. This makes your website score higher. All of the members of our team are inside the USA, so you can be sure that our methods are current and up to date. But our results speak to that. You’ll hear from our clients that we’re awesome and affordable.

What To Expect

When you first get started with JOHO Marketing for Internet Marketing, your attention will be required quite a bit while we’re getting you set up. After that, we take the ball and start drumming up support for your small business. We will be tweeting, posting status updates to Facebook and Google+ and building your following on those platforms. We will be writing blog posts to keep your customers coming back and pulling in new ones to your website. Many of our clients find new customers start arriving at their door in a matter of only days after we launch.

We are very happy to be working with JOHO Marketing. They go above and beyond what many companies offer and they deliver what they promise. Our business continues to grow and we’re now looking into opening a 2nd location! During the past two years Mike and his company, JOHO Marketing, have really helped us improve our online marketing. They redesigned our website, grew our social media followers and managed our Yelp reviews. They created an email newsletter for us, wrote blog posts that our customers love and created a contest for our customers. They have really helped us grow.

Cliff Do

Owner, A1 Performance Auto Repair

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What We Know

We know you want to get customers now. As in – yesterday. We understand that all too well. Most everyone on our team has owned a small business in the past or owns one now. We know our stuff! We know how to get the best results out of the Internet. We write text that makes a customer want to buy. We write text that makes a search engine want to give up the customer. We do very effective SEO, design beautiful and responsive websites, we grow social media accounts and make them work to build busy businesses. We are JOHO Marketing and we’re ready to work for you to get customers now!

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